Walking, Keys, and a Good Deed

Many years ago on this blog, I regularly shared stories of real life chronicles. Sometimes they had a spiritual edge and sometimes I shared them for the sake of sharing them. Today something happened that was worthy of a story.

On Wednesdays through Fridays I drive a school van. There are three hours from drop-off to pick-up. In order to save me a drive back to Eldred, I developed a routine this winter in which I started to exercise during that time.

This morning was no different, but I was concerned about the rain that might be coming. I had my phone, my wallet, and the key to the van I was driving and headed out for a walk after I dropped off the students. I parked in one of the parking lots for University of Pittsburg – Bradford. They have a great little paved walking/running/biking trail. What I did was walk a mile out to the end of the trail, turned around and walked another two miles, which took me into the downtown of Bradford, turned around and walked the mile back to the van. When I got back to the van, I looked for my key and discovered it was missing. What was I going to do?

When pulling into the parking lot, I noticed that the pastor’s husband (who works maintenance at UPB, was working in that parking lot. He was still there when I got back. I told him I had lost my key somewhere along the trail. I had already finished 4 miles and really didn’t want to do another 4 miles. Fortunately there was a student worker with them who took me out in one of the small maintenance vehicles. I should have had her start on the last part of the trail I walked. But we searched the first two miles I walked first – then went to the second two miles. About a half mile passed where my van was – there it was – my key to the van. I picked it up and she drove me back to the van. I was thankful for the help, because nobody was obligated to help me. It most definitely saved me some time. It was a great example of what we at Chick-fil-A called Second Mile Service. I was so excited that they helped me and that I found my key. The rest of the day was uneventful compared to that.

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