Sunday Night Thoughts

This weekend, I ended up organizing the DVD’s in our entertainment center. It reminded me that we have many good movies that we can watch. This evening I was looking through for something to watch and came across “The Lion King.” This has been my favorite Disney movie. I almost pulled it out of our collection to watch – and it might be faster – and no commercials, but I don’t want to watch the whole thing tonight. Maybe later this week, we will pull out the DVD and watch.

Anyway, today was a gorgeous day – we had a little thunderstorm last night. Right now the hill is a beautiful shade of sun-drenched green, with the blue sky just above. This week I got back to a regular schedule of van runs. We had a ministerium meeting and got to meet a new pastor in our community.

I am currently working on my CDL training. I need another two nights of training. Then I will have to take the knowledge test to get my learner’s permit.

Yesterday was a wonderful relaxing day which set us up for today. Our District Superintendent was here and brought us a great message from God’s Word. I had the opportunity to lead the musical worship. The Holy Spirit was evident. After church we went to Sprague’s and now we are relaxing watching the Lion King. Got to get up early for an early four miler tomorrow. Have a great week.

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