Running Update

Image by mrdjrlawrence from Pixabay

Another week has passed by so that means it’s time for another running update.

This week I pulled back my mileage so that I wasn’t hurting all the time. I have been doing stretching. This week, because of my schedule, I ended up doing to back to back runs. On Monday and Tuesday I did 4 miles each and then yesterday and today, I did 5 miles each. That brought my weekly total to 18 miles, plus for more walking miles. My plan this week is to run back to backs on Monday/Tuesday (4 miles each) – five miles on Thursday and then six on Saturday. Hopefully I can get in four mile walks on Wednesday and Friday. What I would do from that point is try to extend my Saturday runs. When you run long, everything feels better. I don’t think I’m going to make my July mileage goal, but I’m feeling better and I’d rather be running reduced mileage than not running at all. I continue to press on!

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