Sunday Night Thoughts

Here we are on the first Sunday of July. The days are now getting shorter, although here in the Brook, we haven’t really seen the shorter days yet, but I’m sure over the next week, we will start to see them. It’s been a hot week. We weren’t here much of the week, but it certainly was hazy, hot, and humid in the Lehigh Valley.

We spent most of the week visiting my mom and dad. One of the things we did was visit several Atlas Obsura sites. We have several traditions when going there. One is mini-golfing at Spring Hill Golf and another is trying to get to Yocco’s. We also hit up White Castle which was fun. Another thing we did was go to the Harvey Mason Trestle – which is part of the Steel Stacks. It is the only remaining part of the former Bethlehem Steel facility in Bethlehem. It was great visiting my mom and dad. On the way home, we stopped at Roadside America, drove by a mini Statue of Liberty on the Susquehanna, stopping at the Bunkers of Alvira, and finally stopping at Wildwood Cemetery in Williamsport – but it was closed. Again it was a great week.

Yesterday I gave the lawn a lick and a prayer. This week I need to get the back section of the property cut – its been several weeks.

We had a good service this morning. I led the musical worship and preached. I had some technical difficulties while preaching, but recovered – thankfully the scripture I needed at the moment was on the screen – that and my mike wouldn’t stay in place. But I was able to recover and the rest of the service went well.

This week I am back to driving school vans. But that about wraps it up. Have a great week.

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