Sunday Night Thoughts

Here we are on the last Sunday of June. We have had an incredible week. The weather has been wonderful. I can’t remember a stretch of beautiful weather like we have had. The daytime has been sunny – except for yesterday. We have had rain overnight and some rain yesterday, but over all we haven’t had a stretch of weather like this since before winter arrived.

It was a great week of Vacation Bible School. We did the Go Fish Guys, “Backstage with the Bible. While we didn’t have many children, we did have a great time. Here’s a little recap video.

Not only did we have Vacation Bible School, but we had our grandkids here all week. It was great fun – and on both ends of the time together we had Chick-fil-A. Our grand daughter Anna finally got over her stranger danger and we both enjoyed that.

Currently our family is watching Apollo Moonshot. July is the 50th Anniversary of man stepping on the moon.

We had a good worship service this morning – playing the recap video and singing some of the VBS songs as well as doing our regular worship. I preached about Jonah. Our series this summer is called “This Ain’t Hollywood.” We are going to look at some of the stories in the Old Testament.

So, that brings me to the end of tonight’s update. Have a great one!

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