Sunday Night Thoughts

Happy Father’s Day – As most of you know, today is Father’s Day. This afternoon, I was able to call my dad. It was good to talk to him because I know there are those who can’t do that anymore. I am thankful for dad’s who leave a godly legacy.

It’s been a long weekend. Yesterday we headed north to Buffalo for District Conference. It was wonderful – a mix of reports, worship, voting, prayer. God’s Spirit was present. It was good to see some old friends – especially those I wasn’t expecting to see, like my friend Wayne Richards.

Friday began a three week break from major bus driving duties. I will be driving at noon for summer school, but it is a relatively short route. Most of this week will be spent preparing for Vacation Bible School. We are really looking forward to it.

I didn’t write a running update yesterday. This week I backed off on my mileage, hopefully I can ramp back up this week.

We had a wonderful service this morning – as we celebrated fathers – remembered Trinity Sunday and heard a report from District Conference. That’s about all I have for this week. Blessings….

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