Sunday Night Thoughts

It’s been a beautiful weekend weather-wise and otherwise. We have three solid days of beautiful, low humidity weather. Friday was beautiful, so I got our grass cut. We haven’t had many rain-free days, but we have had a three day stretch.

Yesterday, our family went on a little road-trip heading over to Potter County. We looked for the Triple Continental Divide. It is the point of three rivers – the Allegheny – the Genesee – and Pine Creek (which ends up as the Susquehanna. These three rivers end up in the Gulf of Mexico, Lake Ontario, and the Chesapeake Bay. After that, we went to the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum, which is really a nice museum east of Coudersport. We had a great day.

We have been preparing for Vacation Bible School in a few weeks. This past week, I have continued my van drives and this coming weekend we have our District Conference. I also ended up with some summer school runs – which is nice.

This has been a good month on the exercise front – where I’m already at 41 miles.

This morning we had a wonderful, Spirit-filled service as we celebrated the Holy Spirit coming at Pentecost. The congregation really sang and we worshiped together.

That’s about all I’ve got – have a great week!

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