Sunday Night Thoughts

What started out as a dreary cold morning has blossomed into a beautiful, yet chilly late spring afternoon. The trees are almost in full green these days. It seems like we are cutting the grass every couple of days. If the rain continues, we are going to continue that for some time. Everything is very green.

It’s been a good week. This past week was the last week of the fiscal year for our church. The church year ended on Friday and stats have to be in by June 10. I put my stats report together on Thursday. We also had our Local Church Conference this morning, so I had to put that together as well.

This morning we had a wonderful spirit of worship as we looked at Jesus last words to his disciple as found in Luke 24. Jesus has called us to be witnesses to the power of Christ. We finished that with communion and it was special.

Our local clergy association offers a scholarship to a local senior. On Wednesday I presented that at the school’s award ceremony. It was good to be part of that. Friday night, we had a dinner for one of our pastors who is leaving the area because he is going to a new church. We had a wonderful dinner at Spragues and the fellowship was sweet.

Yesterday, we took our District Superintendent to lunch for pastor appreciation. The Lord has been good to us and blessed us so we wanted to pass that blessing onto to him and his wife. We took them out to Beef and Barrel. We’ve seen him several times over the last eight days.

This morning’s conference brings to a close a very busy spring. It has been busy since Ash Wednesday. The next thing we are looking forward to is Vacation Bible School and we just learned that our grandkids might be here for that. It would be so cool!

On Friday our local school district had our last day of school, so I won’t be doing as much driving for the summer, but I do have a summer route. This week begins a two-week stint followed by three weeks off. I am looking forward to the break.

Have a great week!

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