Beating the Rain

Photo by Bob Clark on

With the rainy weather we’ve had lately. I’m surprised I haven’t had more rainy runs. They weren’t calling for rain this early in the day, so I thought I would be good and wanted to go out for a long, slow, distance run. I was also trying to get one of my first 20+ mile running weeks of the season. Both of those goals were accomplished and I have 7 miles on the first day of the month! Between walking and running I got in 29.6 miles this week. Yes!

As I said, I completed my second long, slow, distance run of the year. The other one was also a 7 miler and I am hoping for a longer one (say 8 miles) next week. At first I thought I was running at a turtle’s pace, but at about 4 miles things started to feel good and I was able to run the last two miles at a sub-11 minute mile pace. I would love to get back down to 10 miles and also lose the extra weight I gained this winter. Today’s run was very encouraging in that vein. I am Pressing On!

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