Sunday Night Thoughts

The sun has already set, and the sky is starting to darken – but we didn’t get the bad thunderstorms they were calling for – at least yet.

It’s been a wonderful weekend – full of rest, relaxation and worship. The week was spent in meetings – one our local board meeting and a district pastor’s meeting. I had the privilege of leading worship at our monthly meeting. That is always a great time. I was also putting the finishing touches on our community baccalaureate service. Yesterday, I was also able to get a handle on our yard.

Today – the third Sunday of May is the birthday of this blog. It marks 13 years of blogging. Many blogs have come and gone over that span of time, but I keep pressing on. I’m not as good at it as I once was, but I still find it valuable.

This morning we had a wonderful, Spirit-filled service. The Holy Spirit guided us in our planning and the service really had a wonderful theme. I spoke on having beautiful feet. We are called to use our feet to spread beautiful news. It was our Faith Promise Sunday and I spoke on the importance of missions.

This evening we celebrated the Otto-Eldred Class of 2019 with a Baccalaureate Service. This is a service of blessing for the graduating class we had several seniors participate in the service. It was a great service. I only had one tech glitch. I couldn’t figure out why my guitar wouldn’t come through the sound system, even though it worked before the service. Oh, well. It was a wonderful service.

So at this point, I am relaxing – tomorrow I plan on a morning run after picking up kids for school. Have a great week!

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