Sunday Night Thoughts

It’s been a long but very good day. Pam and I took the Sunday off and around 8 AM this morning we headed up to Buffalo, to be with Mission of Christ Church. This is a congregation made up of refugees from Congo and Rwanda. It was a wonderful afternoon of worship. The service clocked in at almost 3 hours, but was full of praise and worship and prayer. The people were full of God’s joy and we felt very welcomed even though we were the only white people in the room. The weather in Buffalo was wonderful today and we even got to check out the Cherry Blossom festival at the Buffalo history museum.

This was a slower week than the past few weeks, although we did have a National Day of Prayer Service on Thursday night. We had representatives from four of our churches. It’s always an honor to host the community at our church. Because of our tiny facilities, we get passed over the for the big events, but the National Day of Prayer is a smaller event.

We had our monthly ministerial meeting and a meeting with the seniors for Baccalaureate. In addition we are getting ready for the end of the conference year, so lots of things are happening. This next week will be slower except that I have a make up day tomorrow – making up a day from the severe cold this winter.

Somehow I came down with some weird intestinal thing yesterday, so I wasn’t able to run and even overnight it was still strong, but feels much better this evening. That about wraps it up. Have a great week.

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