Monthly Running Recap

April is now in the books. When I looked at my mileage on Saturday, I knew there was an outside chance that I could beat April of 2018, but it would take some effort on my part. Yesterday as part of that effort, I ran 6.5 miles. Today I went out again, knowing I would have to run at least 6.65 miles to beat April. By the time I got done running, I was at 7.2 miles. Which means I beat April of 2018. May is going to be a challenge as I get into the mid-year months that are all over 100 miles a month. It will be a real challenge to reach 2,019 km, but I think if I start getting in walks on off days, I should be able to do it. Most of my mileage this month was all running miles. Also, if I start getting in some long runs like today, that will help.

I am excited that I have 270 miles in for the year which is well ahead of both 2018 and 2017. At this point, I keep pressing on toward my goal.

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