Sunday Night Thoughts

He Is Risen!

It is one week since we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. This morning we continued the celebration as we looked at Jesus’ words, “I Am the Resurrection and the Life. I’ve embedded the video if you’re interested.

It was a wonderful Spirit-filled and Spirit-led service. As we looked at the topic during Sunday School, I realized how much the topic in Sunday School would match this morning’s sermon. It was very amazing. God “showed up” in an amazing way. Tomorrow is a day off. I had something funny happen this morning. Our Sunday School Superintendent asked if there were any bulletins. I checked, and wondered where they had gone. I knew that I had brought bulletins to church, but they were now among the missing. We searched and Pam came over to the house to see if I left them here. Finally I figured out that one of our senior saints had taken all of them, when she picked them up with her Bible. It was cute.

The end of the church year things are starting to show up on the church calendar — such as nominating committee, budget committee and even local church conference.

This past week, was a welcome relief from the busyness of the last several weeks since the beginning of Lent. There were no extra services to plan and our prayer team got to meet together for the first time in many weeks on Wednesday night. We had a sweet Spirit as we met.

I was ahead most of the week and was able to work on my sermon early, which was a rare thing over the last couple of weeks. We will ramp it up a little in May. Thursday, Pam and I are hosting a National Day of Prayer service at McCrae Brook. We are have our local ministerial meeting, where we will put the finishing touches on our plan for a community baccalaureate service. At the end of May, our church will also participate in the local Memorial Day parade and we are making cookies for Teacher Appreciation in May. So May is going to be a busy month.

That’s about all I have…Have a great week!

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