Did You Have a Good Run?

This morning I got up for a run – hoping for at least 85 to 90 miles in April. I’m going have to work hard to do it. It was 45 degrees when I started, but today was one of those quick warm-up days. By the end of the run it was 60 and felt like a mid-summer morning run. I stopped at 7-Eleven after my run. The woman who checked me out asked, “Did you have a good run?” I replied, “Yes, it was a good run.” We talked about how the weather changed over the last hour. What I thought was cool about the exchange was is that she didn’t ask if I had a good jog, but a good run. I will admit that I am not the fastest runner these days and it really looks like a jog. Most non-runners think it is simply jogging, so it was really cool that she asked me how my run went. It made my day.

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