March Running Update

It’s Saturday and normally on Saturday I do a weekly running update, but since it’s the last Saturday of March and I won’t run tomorrow, I figured March is done so it’s time for an update.

March continues the string of mainly inside running – indoor track and treadmills – although last Wednesday, I went out for an outdoor run. I was able to complete 72.87 miles in March, which is much better than last year’s 20 miles in March. I have completed 174 miles this year – not where I would like to be but 60 miles ahead of last year. The last two weeks have put a serious crimp in my style but hopefully April will be different – mainly in regards to my schedule.

This morning I did run on the indoor track at the Y in a three segment workout. The first three miles were a run at a 10:30 pace – not too bad and I was pushing it and could feel it. The next mile was at a 14:14 walk pace and then I decided to kick it up – I was able to do a 1 mile run at just over a 9 minute mile pace…It WAS AWESOME. So faster times are possible.

That about wraps it up and I continue to PRESS ON!

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