Sunday Night Thoughts

We are home from choir practice as we continue to rehearse for our community Palm Sunday concert. Our community choir is doing a great job. We are a few voices shorter than we were last year. For a small community, we have a great group of singers. One of the things we are doing differently is that I am directing the choir, but on several songs, I am playing guitar along with our regular piano accompaniment.

Its been a busy week. Since it is the Lenten season, we had a weekly luncheon on Wednesday. I lead the musical worship, so it makes for a long day, especially with three different bus runs. Our church also provided the food this week, so it was a little crazy on Wednesday.

Thursday we went north to Buffalo for our monthly Leadership Development meeting with other district pastors. We had some great discussion on being disciples.

Saturday, we were up early for a church trip to Cartwright’s. This is a “local” pancake house that is only open from mid-February to mid-April. We had 15 people go and we had a great time. It was busy because this weekend was Maple Weekend in Western New York.

This morning it was time to worship and the day started cold but with beautiful blue skies. We gathered for worship and God met us in a special way. I am so thankful for the way the Holy Spirit has been working in our midst. Following worship, we had the aforementioned choir rehearsal and now we are relaxing and getting ready for a new week.

I look forward to what God has in store this week!

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