Running Update

It’s Saturday, so time for a running update. My total miles this week was just 15. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were a little crazy. It was almost impossible to get out. Finally on Thursday I hit the treadmill at the Y – and it felt good. Friday not so much, so I only walked. Today we went to the Olean Y and I ran – trying to get 5 miles. I almost quit. Pam was walking in a different lane and as I passed her at about lap 29 of 57 1/2, I let out a groan. Let’s just say it was a real struggle and it was all heart and all perseverance. I was able to make it to the 5 mile mark – slower than usual but still 5 miles is 5 miles. It gave me 15 miles for the week. For the month I am at 40 miles, so if I can double what I have, it will put me at 80 miles – the best month of the year so far. I would be very near 200 miles. Hopefully Monday goes much better. Pressing On!

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