Sunday Night Thoughts

Looks like March is coming in like a lion – a winter lion that is. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of a big, heavy snow fall that took out power lines here in our hollow. It didn’t do that this year, but it seems like I wake up every morning and have to scrape or sweep snow. Tomorrow morning will not be an exception – but then we turn arctic cold for a few days.

It’s been a good week. I almost ended up with a normal week driving this week. On Friday night, we went to Houghton to pick up James and he his home this week for mid-semester break.

Several weeks ago we found out that there is a traveling exhibit of LEGO called “The Art of the Brick.” It is currently showing at the Buffalo Museum of Science, so we decided to head to Buffalo yesterday. We had a great time checking out the exhibit. The artist used LEGO to recreate famous masterpieces and also made his own works as part of the exhibit. It was well worth our time. Following that, Anna took us to Moe’s. We stopped at Guitar Center as well – I had fun looking around at the instruments and even picked up a 5-string bass. It was very nice. Someday I would like to pick up and own one.

Today we had a good service at McCrae Brook. It was a service of praise and worship. The Holy Spirit was evident as we worshiped together. This afternoon we started rehearsals for our community Palm Sunday concert. I always enjoy directed the community choir. This year’s program is called “My Easter Story.”

This week also starts Lent. Our church is hosting an Ash Wednesday Service. It is a reminder of our mortality – a reminder of our need for repentance. It is a very meaningful service and I am looking forward to it. We start moving into a busy time of the year.

That’s about all I have for the day. Have a great week!

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