Sunday Night Thoughts

We are in the middle of a significant windstorm here in the Western New York area. We are watching the Buffalo news and hearing about what is going on. In addition, as I started typing, a plow went by. We are under a Winter Weather Advisory for Lake Effect Snow for 3 to 5 inches, though it might be hard to measure it with the wind.

This morning was unusual as both Pam and I preached. Pam preached at another local Wesleyan church, and I preached here. The Holy Spirit was evident in our service. After church, we went and celebrated Pam’s birthday – and by the time we got out – the wind had kicked up.

This past week, Pam and I got to go to our monthly leadership meeting in Buffalo. It was a great time and since Anna was off for mid-winter break, we took her along and went to Olive Garden and then went shopping. We had a great time.

Last night our community gathered with our local clergy association for a Chicken and Biscuit Benefit. It was a great time as we worked with the pastors and their spouses.

So that about wraps up the week. Hope you have a great week this week!

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