Sunday Night Thoughts

This afternoon about 4 o’clock it started snowing. I wrote on Facebook that it’s snowing, therefore it must be 4 o’clock. That is the trend this year. The snow starts falling just about the time that we need to take kids home from school. I realize that it’s Sunday, but as if on cue it started snowing at the usual time.

It’s been an interesting week weather-wise. On Tuesday we had a weird mix of ice, sleet, freezing rain, and snow. It made for a heavy mix that was difficult to get rid of until it warmed up on Thursday.

  • Speaking of Tuesday, I was called for jury duty and ended up serving on the jury. I really was fascinated by the whole process.
  • This week one of the bus runs I do was on mid-winter break so it was a different kind of week.
  • Friday night, we went out for pizza with another Wesleyan pastor family and had a great time.
  • Last night we had something called a Christian Love Banquet and had about 19 people show up. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. One of the men in our congregation cooked the food and did an awesome job.

We had a great service at McCrae Brook this morning. God’s Spirit was evident as I preached and I challenged our congregation to share the Gospel in word and deed.

This week we return to a more normal week, although everyone is off tomorrow because of President’s Day. That’s about all I have this week. Have a great one!

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