Sunday Night Thoughts

Six o’Clock on a Sunday evening and there is just a bit of daylight left. The weather here has been a bit weird to say the least – last week we about froze to death and this week the weather kept us warm, but this morning we woke up to 4 degrees. We have some snow on the way for Tuesday.

This week it was nice to return to some normalcy. I ran all my regular runs. Pam and I were able to get in a couple of workouts at the Y.

Yesterday was a busy day, but really good. In the morning, we drove up to Houghton to attend a missions brunch put on by Houghton Wesleyan Church. Our special guest was Dr. JoAnne Lyon. Dr. Lyon was the founder World Hope International and also served as General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church. Her current role is as an ambassador for the church. She is a compelling speaker. I never tire of listening to her. Not only is she a compelling speaker, but her words are challenging to the church.

Following the brunch we returned to Eldred and attended a surprise birthday party for one of our members. It was truly a surprise – she wasn’t expecting it a bit. It was fun to be part of that.

That set us up for this morning – as we prepared for worship, it seemed the theme was, if it could go wrong – especially in the technical areas – it would go wrong. I had not one, but two computers give me a fit this morning. I could tell that the enemy was fighting us all the way. Pam preached this morning and did a great job. It was one of her best sermons I’ve ever heard. Hopefully over this week, we can get some of the technical issues worked out.

This week seems to be fairly normal, but I don’t have my normal morning runs. So that means Pam and I can celebrate our anniversary this Thursday. I am looking forward to it.

I think that’s about all I have. Have a great week. Go in peace and serve the Lord!

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