Sunday Night Thoughts

Good by Polar Vortex. On Friday morning our school district had a two hour delay. The school I normally drive for canceled morning pre-school, which means I could sub for another driver. Even with a two-hour delay it was cold and I drove the empty van up to my turn around and it was finally warm. Then I picked up the kids. When we arrived at the school, I joked with the kids, “Thank you for riding the Polar Express.”

Today the temp topped out at 55 degrees (at least in Houghton.) We went up to Houghton to celebrate James’ birthday. We did that because on his birthday it was dangerously cold. Since 5am yesterday morning we experienced at 55 degree change. That’s a huge temperature swing. Because of the brutal temps, Pam and my schedule was really wacky. We had lots of extra time on our hands.

This week, we renewed our Y membership, so we have been getting in some exercise. This week we will try to get in some despite our schedule. The weather should be nice most of the week – at least a lot nicer than last week.

This morning I started a membership class and Pam reminded me that she had never taken a membership class in the Wesleyan Church. Following membership class we gathered for worship. The Holy Spirit was quite evident as we worshiped this morning. Because it was communion, I also led the musical worship – the worst part about that was my guitar was really out of tune – with the piano and with itself.

That’s about all I have for this week. Go out and make the most of this week!

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