Sunday Night Thoughts

It’s Sunday night and we are watching the Bears and Eagles play in the Wildcard matchup. It is another drama-filled game from a Pennsylvania football team. (Edit: what a nailbiting ending! #flyeaglesfly!

Happy Epiphany!

As I have already posted today is Epiphany and we celebrated the arrival to the Magi to Jesus. Last night I made a King’s bread or Rosco de Reyes. It is a traditional Epiphany bread – especially in Spanish speaking countries. Epiphany pre-dates Christmas as a Christian feast day. In Mexico the children put their shoes out with straw for the camels in exchange for gifts from the Wisemen. The bread was a big production – taking most of last evening to put together – but well worth the effort. The congregation loved it. After worship today, we took our son back to college.

This past week we had a great visit from our children and grandkids. My son-in-law assisted me with worship at prayer meeting on Wednesday night and it was a special evening of worship. It was good to have the kids around. We pulled out the Wii and introduced Robert to MarioKart. We had our Christmas celebration – appropriately during the 12 days of Christmas.

The weather has been unseasonably warm. Two years ago we had a low of 11. Last year our low was in the single digits – and their was snow on the ground both years. If we have any snow, it’s in one little pile. It is really muddy and we are supposed to get more rain this week, but it’s supposed to turn cooler by mid-week. But the unseasonable warm returns by late next weekend.

That’s about all I have – have a great week!

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