Sunday Night Thoughts

As I write tonight, we are watching The Sound of Music. We happened upon it after watching the Steelers beat the Patriots.  As I wrote on a friends Facebook page, our Pennsylvania football teams sure know how to add drama to football.  I wish they would cut it out and just win football games.

It’s been a good week.  Yesterday we went Christmas caroling with several of the other churches in our community.  We had a great time as we walked through the borough of Eldred.  It was great to stop by various shut-ins from each of the churches.  

After Christmas caroling, we had an Open House Cookie Swap at the parsonage.  We had a great time with members of our church. There were lots of snacks and lots of cookies.  

This afternoon we helped set up some things for a Christmas event at the Elementary School.  We are looking forward to helping with the event tomorrow night.  

This morning we had a good service at McCrae Brook.  The was a wonderful spirit of worship as we sang, prayed and opened God’s Word.  

This coming week, we are preparing for two services – a Blue Christmas Service for those who are stressed, grieving, or lonely.  It is always a wonderful pause in all the Christmas festivities before Christmas.  It is a low-key service in which we light candles in memory of loved ones who have gone.  

That is about it for this week.  Seize the day!  

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