Sunday Night Thoughts

Sitting in the living room – looking at the tree that was finished tonight.  It has been up most of the week, but we were missing the ornaments.  Tonight we got those on.  

Yesterday, we shuffled off to Buffalo.  Our daugher had tickets to see Hamilton, so we took her and Pam and I went shopping. It was a bit crazy.  

We were pleased to see the sun today. This was the second time in seven days we saw the sun which has been rare around here. It warmed up enough today to start melting the snow, but the sun is at such a low angle that it didn’t do much. 

We have had a good active week as we journey toward Christmas.  Our community clergy met this week.  This coming week we are going to Christmas carol together.  That should be fun. 

Pam and I have been working through an Advent devotional called “Arrival.”  It was put together by another Wesleyan pastor.  She has done a great job and has even given us prompts to put on Facebook and Instagram.  Search #adventarrival on either platform to see some of the things that have been put up.

As I wrap up this week, I’ll share my Spotify 2018 Christmas Playlist.  (Link)

That’s about it…Have a great week!  

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