Sunday Night Thoughts

It’s almost 10 PM on a Sunday evening and just getting to this.  It has been a full, rewarding day – from our morning worship service to this evening’s Community Thanksgiving Service.  

*(Now playing – Michael W. Smith – Michael W. Smith II) I have been listening to some older Christian albums of late and I have been enjoying playing bass along with them, like I did back in the day.  

It has been a snowy weekend here in the Northern Tier.  It all started as we were returning from our monthly district leadership meeting in Hamburg, NY. It was such a good time – it was like being in church – in a very good way.  The Holy Spirit was evident as we met together.  

On the way home – around Ellicottville, it started snowing.  We had to pick up Anna at work and then I had a podiatrist appointment.  By that time, roads were starting to get slick.  We were supposed to have a choir practice for our community service, but we canceled because of the weather.  By Friday morning, we were greeted with 9 to 9-1/2 inches of heavy, wet snow – and the kids went to school, albeit on a 2 hour delay.  It took me some time to get the driveway shoveled out (by the way as I write the distinctive sound of a plow going by can be heard. 

As a result of going to a nutritionist, Pam and I got a 30 pass to the YMCA.  So, Saturday morning we got up and I did three miles on the indoor track.  I loved that compared to running on a treadmill.  But we also learned about some of the other fitness equipment.  In the evening we went to one of our friend’s houses for their family’s thanksgiving celebration.  I even ended up in an impromptu jam session. 

Like I said we had two really good services.  I preached from Psalm 136 this morning – Give thanks to the Lord…His faithful love endures forever.  This evening I led worship and the community choir.  It was a great service. I am thankful for a great bunch of community ministers – all who love the Lord and want to see the Kingdom of God grow. 

This week is thanksgiving and I wish you an early thanksgiving.  So that’s about it – I hope you have a great week.   

Me leading worship this evening.  

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