Sunday Night Thoughts



A picture looking up the hollow.  Fall is beginning to show its beautiful colors.

We now enter the in-between.  Over the last few weeks, we have seen several seasonal businesses (drive-in theatre, and ice cream shops) close up.  We have a cider mill that makes cider and doughnuts that opened the beginning of September and closes around thanksgiving.


Apple Cider and Doughnuts! 

It’s been a good week here in the Brook, even though it’s been dreary.  At least the first part of the week was.  Thursday evening was gorgeous.


We had a wonderful worship service this morning.  I led worship and preached as we continued the series, “Teach Us to Pray.” Our sermon today was that prayer begins and ends with praise.  The Holy Spirit was evident as we worshiped.

Following worship, we headed across the mountain, and led a worship service for the Bradford Ecumenical Home.  It was good to be with the residents there.  One of our members is a resident there as well.

I finally did get the grass cut on Friday, but it was very swampy.

The other thing that went very well this week was my running.  Monday and Tuesday, I was able to get in six miles each, Friday I did 10 and Saturday I did six more.  This gives me 800 miles for the year.  It’s been a good year so far and I really want to get to 1,000 miles this year.  That’s about all I have.  Have a great week and seize the day!

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