Sunday Night Thoughts

quotes-Sunday-Night-ThoughtSunset Church.jpg

This was the picture from our parsonage last night.  It was a beautiful way to end a dreary week and a great way to begin autumn.  It’s been a good, but wild week – a little bit of a roller coaster ride, but such is life in the ministry.

I continue to believe God has great things in store for McCrae Brook.  It was a good day of worship.  There was a wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit during our worship service this morning.  Today we started a new series called, “Teach Us to Pray.”  We are looking at the Lord’s Prayer for a model of our prayers.

This past week, Pam and I went to our district leadership meeting and I had the privilege to lead worship for my peers.

Yesterday, I ran nine miles for the first time this year.  That felt good. I am still on track to reach 1,000 miles for the year.  Otherwise, we were able to relax, especially on a week that was such a roller coaster ride of emotions.

That’s about all for this week…Seize the Day!

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