Sunday Night Thoughts


Back to Church Sunday is now in the books.  It was a wonderful day – a busy and exhausting day, but a wonderful day.  The summer heat and humidity continues.  By this time last year, we were barely running the A/C and if I recall, we had the windows closed in the church and may have even run the heat.  I always like when we can get to October before we need to turn on the heat.  We have two weeks yet, but the forecast turns colder later this week.

This past week, we spent preparing for our Back-to-Church Sunday and Tailgate Picnic.  I preached a message from John 8 on the woman caught in adultery.  The story doesn’t end the way we expect it to end. The woman represents us. The Pharisees represent the law and Jesus represents grace and mercy.  All of us have been caught in the trap of sin.  The law says we should die for that and yet, Jesus came so that we may have life.  He was the perfect Lamb of God and died for our sins so that we don’t have to.  Jesus is willing to forgive our sins if we believe in Him and confess our sins to Him.

After church we had a wonderful picnic.  Hotdogs, hamburgers and other tailgate food.  Huge shout-out to our friends Dan and Dawn.  For fun everyone came to church dressed in their favorite football teams gear.

Yesterday in preparation for the day, I cut the grass, trimmed with the weed-wacker, and painted a banister that needed painting.  I also changed out a few light bulbs in the church to get us ready.  Oh, I forgot about the flood that we had on Tuesday – thanks to the remnants of Gordon. Fortunately, I caught it and was able to shopvac it before it got to the carpet in the basement.  Hopefully we don’t have a return with the remnants of Florence tomorrow night.

That’s about all I have for this week.  Our District Leadership Meeting is this week, and I get the privilege of leading musical worship for the meeting.  I always look forward to that.  Blessings….

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