Sunday Night Thoughts


As I write this, the remnants of tropical storm Gordon have arrived.  It looks to be a soggy next 24 hours.  It has been a good day and a good week.

The week started with Labor Day.  We took advantage of one last day off and headed to Houghton College to hear a college classmate of my preach for their spiritual emphasis week.  A highlight was hearing Steve Dunmire and the team lead worship.  I loved that chapel started with an organ processional.

Tuesday things began to return to normal.  But this week I didn’t have to do the morning van runs, so I took Anna to work everyday.  It’s been hot and humid, so I’ve had to push through on my exercise routine.  Actually that has gone well and I already have 40 miles for the month!  Yes, I’m trying for 120 miles this month which will get me very close to 800 miles for this year.  If I can get to 1,000 miles, it will be the first in four years I’ve hit that milestone.

We did head to Buffalo to see on of our congregation again and yesterday was spent preparing for today.  We had a good service this morning. God’s spirit was evident as we worshiped and I preached a message from John 4, called “An Unusual Encounter.”  This coming week is our Back to Church Sunday.  We are looking forward to a great Sunday which will conclude with a Tailgate Picnic.  Everyone is encouraged to wear their football gear.

This afternoon we were able to attend a baptism.  It was wonderful to see our friend take the next step in her faith journey.  Following that we attended a spaghetti dinner benefit for an acquaintance of ours.

So that about takes care of it.  I’m trying to get everything done so that I spend the rest of the evening relaxing.  Have a great week!

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