Sunday Night Thoughts


So here we are on the first Sunday evening of September.  It’s a hot and humid one to begin September.  It’s been a topsy, turvy sort of week.  I got to celebrate my birthday.  On the same day, we had to have the exterminator come and take care of some paper wasps.  The good news is that they have been taken care of.  We have been busy visiting one in our congregation and both Pam and I had our regular slate of van runs.

Yesterday we went north to Buffalo – one to visit the hospital and then to go a little shopping.  A couple of highlights were going to Duff’s Famous Wings.  This is one of the two originals in terms of Wings.  Here in Western New York, they are simply known as wings, not Buffalo Wings.  It was great.

After that we went to the mall and ran into a member of our former church in Virginia.  It really was a God-ordained moment. The chances of that happening were remote at best.  We went shopping several other places including Guitar Center, before coming back home – so I could finish up the grass and trimming before dark.  I also ended up plugging the hole where the paper wasps came in.  All in all, it was a great day.

This morning was good as well.  We had a great worship service.  Following worship, we headed over to Bradford to lead a hymn sing and devotional at Bradford Ecumenical Home.  We were a last minute schedule thanks to some friends.

This evening, I’m starting to crash…and the kids are going to FaceTime, so have a great week!

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