Sunday Night Thoughts


Missed this post last week.  Let’s just say that I was wiped out.  Last Saturday we had a fun time as a family as we headed to Buffalo.  This past summer we have been exploring Atlas Obsura. I encourage you to click the link.  It has fun and we have ended up in Rochester, Seneca Falls, Coudersport (Ice Mine), Austin Dam, and several locations in Buffalo as well as Centralia, PA and the Liberty Bell Shrine in Allentown.  Our trip to Buffalo gave us a look at Love Canal, Sharkgirl, the Herschell Carrousell Museum.  All in all it provided for some great fun and hopefully, we will continue to explore.

On Sunday, we celebrated 40 years of ministry with Father Tom Brown at the local Catholic Church.  The church provided a wonderful luncheon and it was great to surprise him with our presence.  We also found out that another local minister (whom we sat with) was celebrating 50 years of ministry.  It was pretty cool.

After that, Anna and Pam took their exhibits down to the McKean County Fairgrounds.  Anna entered a cross stitch and Pam entered cookies.  On Wednesday we found out Anna had won first prize.  There was a talent contest and I entered singing two songs “The Farmer and His Wife” written by my cousin Terri and “You’ve Got a Friend” by James Taylor.  It was great fun. It’s been a long time since I’ve sung at a fair or carnival.  I didn’t place but still enjoyed the experience.

Last week was our last week off as this week we start back to school.  Tomorrow our minister’s association is serving lunch to the teachers and then school starts on Wednesday.  So it looks like summer is over (sad face.)

We had a good service today. The Holy Spirit was evident as we worshiped and God was with me as I brought the message.  Pam preached as well over at First Wesleyan in Bradford.  I heard she did a good job too.  So that’s about all I have for now.  Blessings….

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