Sunday Night Thoughts


The sun has already set here in the Brook.  It was another warm one. It made it all the way to 90. This is going to be a different type of week with no bus driving and no vacation on the horizon.

Speaking of vacation, Refresh Retreat and Family Camp was nothing short of awesome. This despite the fact that I was sick for most of it.  Even now I continue to recover from the cold that attacked me last Friday.  It is very unusual for me to hang on to a cold for over a week.  We had wonderful times of musical worship in the morning, along with very informative seminars. The afternoon was full of free time. On Thursday we helped the kids make bottle rockets, which was great fun and then we launched them on Friday morning after our final service.  In the evening we ate dinner in the dining hall and then headed over to Wesley Chapel for worship.  We had some great speakers, from all over our district.  On Tuesday night, we had the second annual Refresh softball game under the lights.

I am thankful for someone cutting the grass while we were away so that I could prepare for today.  We had a good service – I led the musical worship as well as preached – despite the small crowd.

Our daughter Anna, helped me update our YouTube channel this evening. Here is the link.  That’s about all I have for this evening.  Have a great week and seize the day!

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