Sunday Night Thoughts

LOGO-Refresh-2014 (1).png

Tonight I write to you from the comfort of our “cabin.”  Night one of Refresh Retreat and Family Camp is in the books.  It was an awesome night of worship.  I put cabin in quotes because the Western New York Family Camp is on the campus of Houghton College.  We are staying in one of the spacious two-bedroom apartments.  Seriously, it is bigger than the house that we lived in Marion, IN.  There is plenty of room for the four of us and we have internet access – so James can work on school work.  He’s sitting on the couch behind me, while I sit working at the dining room table.

Houghton does a great job of hosting us.  The musical worship tonight was wonderful, despite the fact that the presentation computer didn’t want to display the lyrics.  Arthur Ward who just graduated from Houghton is the worship leader and tonight’s preacher was Justin Leininger. He preached a wonderful message on finding God in the wilderness.  I loved this quote:

Remember, with Jesus your worst moment is never your last!  

We had a good service this morning at McCrae Brook.  I preached despite having a scratchy throat.  I am thankful for the spirit’s presence as I preached a message about perfect love casting out all fear.  We are almost through our series on 1 John and I am hoping to wrap it up next week – and we will be celebrating communion as well.

This week was a relatively easy week compared to the last few, this coming week, at some point I need to work on my sermon, but for now I want to enjoy sitting back and basking in the presence of the Holy Spirit. I hope you have a great week.  Blessings….

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