Sunday Thoughts


It was many years ago that my first blog post was on a Sunday night and it was called Sunday Night Thoughts.  Over the years, this has been the most regular feature of this blog.  That very first post was about Homecoming at Preston Wesleyan Church in Martinsville, VA.  It was short, about a paragraph.  I bring all that up because this past weekend was our 80th Anniversary here at McCrae Brook.  It has been an amazing weekend.  We had a picnic yesterday and today we had a wonderful Spirit-filled and Spirit-led service.  It was good.  We had many family members return. There was over 80 people at our picnic yesterday and we had over 40 for worship this morning. We had the privilege of having our District Superintendent and Assistant District Superintendent in attendance.

Most of the week was spent in preparation for this weekend.  Pam and I did some driving and both of us stayed consistent in our workout routine.  At this point, I’m wiped out, so I’ll hang it up for the night.  Have a great week.

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