Sunday Night Thoughts


It’s really hard to believe the change in the weather.  Last Sunday, it was brutally hot and humid.  We had a free sauna in our church building last Sunday.  Today the weather was seasonably warm with little humidity.  It was a welcome change from the last couple of weeks.  We had a good service as we gathered at McCrae Brook this morning.  I preached from 1 John 3:23-4:6, about testing the spirits.  It is a good reminder to us all.  We must never deny the incarnation of Jesus – the fact that Jesus (the Word) became flesh and made his home (dwelt) among us.  We must make sure that those who prophesy and preach and teach in our services believe in the incarnation and the mission of Jesus.

This past week, we traveled to Allentown to see my mom and dad and we also got to see our kids again.  In the process of our travels, we picked up several more items from Atlas Obscura.  We visited the Liberty Bell Shrine in Allentown and also visited Centralia, PA.  In addition on our trip, we ate at Yocco’s – a local hotdog and cheesesteak eatery in the Lehigh Valley and we also stopped at the Wellsboro Diner on our way home.

Over the summer we have visited several unique locations. A large model of cheese in Perth, Ontario, the Brockville Railway Tunnel in Brockville, ON.  We also made several good stops in Rochester a few weeks back and also visited the National Women’s Rights Historical site in Seneca Falls. It has been a wonderful few weeks, pulling back from the regular routine and enjoying family.  One of the things I have enjoyed is having adult children to spend time with – we get to do different things and we have ended up exploring places we have always wanted to see.

Most of our time over the past week was with our kids and this week we continue to get ready for our church’s big 80th Anniversary on the weekend of July 21-22.  I am looking forward to celebrating that.

I think that’s about all I have for this week…Carpe Diem!

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