Sunday Night Thoughts


As I write this, I can still see light of the sun still lighting up the Brook.  The sun has already set, but you can see the glow of the setting sun on the trees.  Summer has really arrived – at least for the next couple of days.

Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day.  I was able to call my dad and we FaceTimed with our kids in Canada.  The weather was much like last year’s Father’s Day.  I made sure we had the windows open in church so it didn’t get too sauna like.  My dad handed down a wonderful legacy to me.  I hope I have handed down a legacy like that to my kids.  I did get a card and a new Phillies t-shirt and they took me out for lunch today.  We had a great time.

District Conference

Yesterday, Pam and I and James (who served as our lay delegate) headed north to Williamsville, NY – just to the northeast of Buffalo for district conference. Part business meeting – part worship – part inspiration.  It was a good 7 hours together with our district family.  I appreciate the leadership that Pastor Joey gives to our district. He talked about the three areas of focus this year:

  1. Focus on Lost People
  2. Focus on the Local Church
  3. Focus on Partnerships

Our district has several great partnerships – churches working with other churches.  We are better together.

Following District Conference we went to Ted’s Hot Dogs.  We’ve only gone to two district conferences, but both times we stopped at Ted’s on the way home.

This past week, we finished up our first round of driving for school.  We now get a three week break and we also get a break from church events.  The next big event for us is our 80th Anniversary and Homecoming.  We are looking forward to this event.

This week I can begin working on some summer projects in anticipation of fall.  First thing though tomorrow is to go out for a long run – it’s going to be warm so…we’ll see how that goes.  Time to wrap it up.   Blessings…

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