Sunday Night Thoughts

quotes-Sunday-Night-ThoughtGreetings from cool and rainy McCrae Brook.  It has been very summer-like this week. Today has been cool and rainy with a change in the humidity this week.  The grass slowed down just a little bit in growing this week, but will need to be cut tomorrow.  We are also growing mosquitoes.  The last two years, they haven’t been too bad, but with the rainy spring we have had, they are everywhere.

This week I didn’t have all the bus runs like last week.  The highlight of the week was the Memorial Day parade on Monday.  Our church put a float in the parade and our church had some wonderful exposure in our community.  I was excited.

The rest of the week, I was able to kick back, but also get ready for our Local Church Conference.  This was really the last event of the spring that we had to get ready for.  In a few weeks we have district conference and now we begin planning in earnest for our 80th Anniversary of McCrae Brook that comes in July.

This morning we had a good service as I presented the State of the Church address and then we had Local Church Conference.  I continue to be excited about where God is leading us.  This week’s edition is short, so that’s about it.  See you next week.

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