Sunday Night Thoughts


Today is the third Sunday in May.  On this Sunday, way back in 2006, this blog got its start.  It is the blog’s 12th anniversary.  That is hard to believe that I have been doing this that long.  Many, many blogs have come and gone since that time.  Apparently is a perseverance thing.  Sunday Night Thoughts was the very first post and it has been weekly post since then. Very rarely have I missed writing this post, although sometimes it’s been written on Monday and one time as late as a Tuesday.  I love the fact this blog has been around this long – even though I’m not as active in the story telling mode as I once was.  So Happy Blogiversary.

It’s been a bit of a crazy week, but to quote Barry Manilow, “It looks like we made it.”  We had two doctor’s appointments, many bus runs, trying to keep up with crazy growing grass – in the last two weeks the countryside has gone from bare to full out bloom – and so nice.  But the grass is growing like crazy.  Then there was planning for this morning’s service  – which we celebrated Pentecost – and then tonight’s community baccalaureate service – and several other church events – plus Emmaus Road.  Yes, I’m tired.

But in all of this God has been faithful.  Both our worship service this morning and the baccalaureate this evening were wonderful spirit-led services.  And that is worth everything.  This looks like the last really crazy week for the spring – a wedding this weekend and then the local Memorial Day parade.  But looking forward to both of those.

The weather looks to be beautiful over the next week – so running looks to be in the forecast. With all that said, stick a fork in me, I’m done.  Later.

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