Sunday Thoughts


Yes, not Sunday, nor night – it is Monday morning.  We had a busy weekend and the brain just wasn’t in the mood to write.  As I write, we wake up to 25 degrees, but I think spring has arrived.  We go to 65 today.  In April we ended up with 12 of 19 days where it snowed.  It was making all of us crazy.  The warm air arrived Saturday – it was nice yesterday, but it should be even nicer today.

It seems besides the weather, church multiplication and children’s ministry was the theme of the week.  On Monday, I had a meeting with another Wesleyan pastor about partnering with their church in multiplication.  Thursday, we had our monthly district pastors meeting and evangelism and church multiplication were the topics, but God is placing in my heart a burden for the children and students of our community.  We were given several leads in that area.

The weather last week, made for lousy getting out to run weather, but that should be different this week.  Looking forward to getting out and not having multiple layers on.  I have to get rid of these extra winter pounds.

We had a wonderful, but busy weekend, celebrating a birthday, raising funds for a scholarship for a local student, and celebrating one of our members yesterday. She has served McCrae Brook for over 44 years, coming here when her husband accepted the call to pastor our church.  It was a wonderful celebration. There was a great spirit of worship in our church yesterday.  Next week, we are trying something different as we do a praise and worship service.  I am looking forward to it.

That’s about it for this week.  Seize the Day!

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