Sunday Night Thoughts


Seems like we have experienced weather of all types this past week. I have run in all types of weather this week.  We started the week on a consecutive streak of snowy days.  We had 8 straight days of snow – of some sort.  During the latter half of this week, we had shirt-sleeve weather.  Yesterday, I was able to run in lighter clothing – shorts, a long-sleeved t-shirt and a running shirt (also long-sleeved.)

This week, things got back to normal on the bus runs, we did our all of our normal bus runs. It was nice to get back into a regular rhythm.  Initially I thought we had an easy week otherwise, but ended up having each night full.  We had our church board meeting – which was really good – prayer meeting on Wednesday and on Thursday night we had our semi-annual missions meeting.  On Friday evening, instead of Emmaus Road, we attended a funeral of a pastor on our district.  One of the highlights was a pastor’s choir and we sang “Amazing Grace.”

I have finally hit the running scene again, despite the weather.  Because of that, I was able to get in 25 miles this week, including a long 6 miler yesterday.  My legs are feeling the extra mile.  Hopefully soon the extra mileage will help me take off the extra pounds.

We had a great service this morning.  The Holy Spirit was evident.  I was able to preach from 1 John on “Living In the Light.”  That’s about all I have for tonight.  Have a great week.

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