Sunday Night Thoughts


He Is Risen

Some of you might think I’m a little mixed up.  No, no mix up here.  This is probably the latest I’ve ever written a Sunday Night Though post without skipping it altogether.  It has been a busy but very good week – meaning the week previous.  It all started with our Community Palm Sunday Concert. On Friday evening, we had a Community Good Friday service that took on the order of a Tenebrae service.  Those are always moving, thought-provoking services.  If you’ve not been to one, the sanctuary starts out light, but as the service progresses along, the sanctuary gets darker and we extinguish eight candles. Finally the last candle is extinguished, signifying that Jesus is dead and a loud noise signifies that Jesus has been buried.  We do not end with any benediction, but simply a command to go home and wait.

Sunday morning we completed the service – with just McCrae Brook.  We meet outside around a bonfire and relit the Christ Candle – it was a bit windy so it took a couple of tries to stick.  Following that we entered the sanctuary and had a modified Easter Vigil service.  That went well and Pam preached.  At our regular service at 11 we also celebrated that Christ is risen.  It was a good day, even though it left me worn out.  It’s taken the better part of two days to recover.

I have been trying to get some running in, but the weather has made that a challenge. We are hoping it warms up next week – it’s in the forecast so Pam and I can shed some of the winter pounds.

That’s it for this week…blessings!!!!

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