Sunday Night Thoughts


A Break In The Weather

The last two days have been a wonderful break in the weather.  We finally finished a stretch of snowy, cloudy, and cold weather.  We have had some good snow melt today.  Most of the hill across the hollow is devoid of snow this afternoon.

Pam and I are thankful for God’s mercy – especially considering the amount driving we did in the snow this week.  We also had a trip to Dubois for a pre-surgery appointment – in the snow.  The last two days have been full sunshine with highs in the 40’s.

This week our Lenten Luncheon series comes to an end for the year.  It has been good to meet with our community brothers and sisters in Christ.  The Lenten season gives us several opportunities to worship together.  We do have two more – our Palm Sunday Concert next Sunday night and Good Friday.  I am looking forward to both of these events.

Last night we our church partnered with First Wesleyan in Bradford, for a Seder Dinner with a Messianic Jew.  It was a wonderful night of fellowship and worship as we learned about Jesus in the Passover.  Both churches provided dinner.  Pam and I really enjoyed it as well as many in our congregation.

We continue to be involved in Emmaus Road. This past week, I led the musical worship and preached.

This week I’m hoping I can get out and get my running started again.

We had a good service this morning and I continued to answer the question, “Who Is Jesus?” Today we explored that Jesus is our Savior.  This afternoon we did have our final choir rehearsal for next week’s concert and now I’m trying to get things done, so that I can relax for the evening.  Have a great week!

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