Sunday Night Thoughts


For the last Sunday of January in Northwest Pennsylvania, you really couldn’t have had much nicer weather.  After the fog burned off – yes, we had fog this morning – we had blue skies and sun and a temp that topped out around 45.  It was nice enough to go out for a walk this afternoon.  That makes two nice Sundays in a row.  The weather this week really wasn’t that bad for the last week of January – a week that is statistically the coldest week of the year.

Speaking of walking, our walk today took me over the 50 mile mark for January – which is 2-1/2 times the mileage of last January.  It was more mileage than I had in January and February of last year, so I have reached the 5% mark on my way to 1,000 miles of running and walking.  I should be at the 8% mark, but as long as I pick up 50 miles next month as well, I should be good, because once spring hits, I should start getting over 100 miles a month and that should make up the 3% I am missing.

You may have noticed I missed last week.  At this point last Sunday, we were in Ellicottville, NY for our district Pastor and Spouses Retreat.  I was asked to lead worship and was honored to lead worship in front of my peers.  We had a great time of relaxing.  We ate way too much food. Mark Gorveatte presented some great thoughts on leadership.  We love our district family and now can’t wait until Refresh this summer.

After the retreat, we spend much time getting ready for today.  We had a good service this morning. I presented a message called “The King’s Business Requires Haste.” We need to be urgent in the needs of God’s Kingdom.  As we closed the service I prayed for each one of our families and especially those who do not have a relationship with Jesus.

That’s about all I’ve got for tonight.  Have a great week.

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