Sunday Thoughts


We have been on the weather roller coaster over the past week.  I mentioned last Sunday that we began the day at -15 (F).  We didn’t get quite as cold this morning only getting to -7, although parts of McKean County did see double digit cold.  So as you see on either side of the week, we had some frigid cold temps.  But we also did see a bit of a spring preview/January thaw.  The snow that sits on the ground this afternoon is all new snow.  The snow we had last week, all melted.  On Friday, we had some serious rain and temps that topped out at 58 degrees (in January!)

It was a week that I thought would be very busy, but several things got postponed or canceled – not because of weather but because of circumstances.  We did have a very good community ministerium meeting and made plans for the Lenten season.  We have a great schedule lined up to take us through this important season.  I again will be leading our community choir and have chosen a piece called “The Road To Calvary.”  It’s got some great songs in it and it is a worship musical.  One of the songs featured in it is “Jesus” by Chris Tomlin.  We have sung this song at several key moments in our ministry this year.

On Friday night, we led worship at Emmaus Road and I preached.  In the year that we have been doing this, I have only preached there twice. Usually Pam sub preaches there.  It was a good rehearsal for this morning.

Pam and I have been hitting the gym, trying to take off some of the winter pounds already.  I already have more miles for this January than I had last January. My goal is to at least double last January’s miles.

This morning I kicked off a new series at McCrae Brook called “A Story Telling Savior: The Parables of Jesus.” This week we looked at the parables of the yeast and the mustard seed.  The message was well received.  My emphasis was the small things.  God can do great things with small things – just like the yeast and the mustard seed.  I am looking forward to the rest of this series as we think about the Kingdom of God.

That’s about all I have for this week.  Have a great one and see you next Sunday!

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