Sunday Night Thoughts


As I write at 7:30 this Sunday evening, we are currently at a balmy 29 degrees.  That is one of the highest temps we have had all week.  We actually made it above freezing today.  While we didn’t have any sun, it was one of the first time in a week that it didn’t snow.  It looks like we may get some sun on Tuesday – with a high of 44.  Tomorrow we are looking at non-freezing temps with rain.

We are currently in the heart of the Advent Christmas season.  On Thursday night, Eldred had its annual Christmas parade.  It was fun as we Christmas caroled with the Eldred United Methodist Church.  Friday evening, we picked up James from Houghton – on the way home it started snowing and we were trying to get back to Eldred so that we could attend our community pastors Christmas dinner.  We were able to do that, however, on the way to the dinner after dropping James off at home, we lost a windshield wiper.  Fortunately the snow wasn’t too bad.  We had a great time at our pastor’s dinner. It is great to be part of a community that has a great team of community pastors.

Yesterday, our family headed out to see The Last Jedi. Don’t worry, I won’t give away anything, but we did enjoy the movie.  There were several profound quotes with spiritual implications.  Maybe after more people have seen it, I’ll share some of those and what they mean for us.

It was a busy week for my on the van.  I had an afternoon run everyday in addition to my and Pam’s regular Wednesday through Friday runs.

This morning Pam preached at McCrae Brook and did an awesome job bringing the word.  It was fun for me to just lead worship and not have to worry about preaching. I’ve been leading the musical worship this month.  There was a wonderful spirit in the service this morning.  After the service, many in the congregation went Christmas Caroling at one of our member’s living centers.  It was a great time.

This week we have two special events to prepare for.  We are having a Blue Christmas or Longest Night Service on Thursday and then our annual Lessons and Carols service for Christmas Eve.  These are some of my favorite services of the year.  Tomorrow and Tuesday I have some extra bus runs, so I need to stay ahead of the game.  Have a great week!

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