Sunday Night Thoughts


Welcome to the First Sunday of Advent

It’s been a good day and a good week. Pam, Anna and I just got done watching “White Christmas.” Earlier this week we watched one of Anna’s favorites, “The Year Without a Santa Claus.”  This morning we started our journey toward Christmas.  It is a season called Advent.  This morning’s message focused on how we can have hope because Jesus has come and someday is coming again.  This week I again sang the new Crowder song “All My Hope.” Our congregation has really latched onto this song.  We looked at the writings of Isaiah. In addition, we also participated in communion.  I also led the musical worship this morning.  It was a good service all the way around.

Last night we had our annual Christmas Board Dinner.  Our hosts did a great job.  We had a potato/sausage soup, Vegetable Beef, and Chicken Noodle Soup as choices.  The main dish was “Beef on Weck.” Mmmm!  One of the cool things is that I am now typing this Sunday Night Thoughts from a new laptop for the church.  That means we completed most of the projects I outlined several months ago.  I can’t wait to get EasyWorship loaded and my files transferred so we can use this for worship.  Our old laptop – not all the keys worked, the audio jack didn’t work – and it was just a mess.  I’m excited to retire that faithful computer.  It took us through our first year here.  The church had a laptop, but it died the week we arrived.

Tomorrow Pam and I head to Dubois for another doctor appointment. Slowly we are figuring out everything.  Well, that’s about it for the week.  Have a great one!


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