Sunday Night Thoughts


Happy Thanksgiving

Today sort of wraps up the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  After church today, we took James back to Houghton.  We have had a good weekend together.  One of James’ projects this weekend was customizing a Nerf gun – which involved spray painting and such.  It was interesting to watch him work on this project.

Another thing James had to do was attend two church services that were not at his home church.  James actually had the chance to attend 4 services. Our community thanksgiving service last Tuesday, Emmaus Road on Friday, we attended St. Raphael’s Catholic Church last night and then McCrae Brook this morning.  A cool thing from the visit to the local Catholic church is that we Anna and I were invited to come and lead the musical worship sometime.  I consider that quite a privilege.

This month was quite the month of Thanksgiving – and we had 4 thanksgiving dinners before Thursday, so we decided to have Beef on Weck.  It is a regional (Western New York) dish which consists of sliced Roast Beef in an au jus served on a Kemmelwick Roll.  The roll can be plain or salted and seeded (the seeds being caraway seeds.) In addition you can put on mustard or horseradish.  It is quite delicious and we served it with PA Dutch potato filling, sweet potato casserole and a green bean casserole (made from scratch) – it was an Alton Brown recipe.  We had a great time – but missed seeing my mom and dad and our Canadian kids.

While I didn’t have my regular bus runs, I was doing some subbing for other runs, due to sickness and the like.  Yesterday, I finally went out for a run after a two week absence, but was pleasantly surprised.  Hopefully this week will be a full workout week. I’m still trying to hit 1,000 miles and work off some of the Thanksgiving poundage.

It’s hard to believe that Advent starts next week.  We are doing a series called “The Songs of Christmas.” The first week is called “Joy to the World,” followed by “Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus,” “While Shepherds Watched their Flocks,” and “O Come All Ye Faithful.” The unique thing about this series is that Pam and I will be working on a unified series in both the adults and children.

That’s about all I have for this week.  Seize the day!

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