Sunday Night Thoughts


Philadelphia VS. Dallas:

As I write this tonight, the Eagles are playing Dallas on the national evening game.  When you live out of market it is always good to see your team on TV.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay up for the whole game.  Tomorrow I need to be up early to do an early bus run – I’m subbing for another driver.

Thanksgiving Sunday

We had an awesome service.  Because of the way the church year works, this is one of those rare years that Reign of Christ Sunday does not fall on the Sunday before Thanksgiving Sunday.  Today I preached a short sermon – I set it up and then we applied it while in church.  We had an extended time of praise and worship and thanksgiving in response to the message.

This Tuesday we are participating once again in our community thanksgiving service.  Last year Pam and I team preached.  This year, I will be leading the musical worship.  We have a small praise team and also a community choir.  I am really looking forward to this service.

A Two Roadtrip Week

This week we had two two-hour road trips.  On Tuesday we went to Erie so Pam could see a specialist for her arm.  Turns out she has a very bad case of Tennis Elbow and is now working on physical therapy for that.  On Thursday, we headed up to Buffalo for our monthly pastor’s meeting.  I have enjoyed this series of meetings.  We had three sessions on the craft of preaching.  It was very helpful.

In other news, I finally can use my office and am fully moved in.  It is great, even though tonight I am writing from the sofa as I watch football.  That’s about all I can think of.  Have a great week.


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