Sunday Night Thoughts


Last week we were thoroughly entrenched in fall, Friday gave us a taste of winter.  Saturday morning we woke up to just 10 degrees.  Friday’s high was a very brisk 24.  We have had some snow, but nothing too substantial.  We did have enough snow on Friday that made the roads slick and the roads got salted and sanded for the first time.  We do get a bit of a warm up this week, but there are rumors of a snow storm for next weekend.  I’m not sure I want to be dreaming of a white thanksgiving.

Speaking of thanksgiving, we are getting ready for our community thanksgiving service.  I will leading the music and looking forward to it.  We also will be seeing our kids over thanksgiving.

This week instead of working out outside, Pam and I hit the fitness center at the local fire company.  The treadmill is a different animal than running outside and I am still getting used to it.  We did get out on Thursday.  Wednesday our church had its annual harvest dinner. We had a great time.  Otherwise, Pam and I have been busy with driving students.

We had a good service today as we honored our veterans.  Pam and I team preached this morning.  Our sermon title was “No Greater Love” and we talked about the Four Chaplains of World War II.  I led the musical worship which isn’t something I usually do here at McCrae Brook, but it was really good.  God was present in our worship and many hearts were touched.

This week we have a trip to Erie to the doctor and the normal things to do.  So, time to sign off and enjoy the evening.

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